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Rinjani Mountain is the second higher volcano in Indonesia which has a very beautiful place to see and a panoramic place to explore, Rinjani has many information should to know before trekking the Mount Rinjani which will help you to provide the right information from the right people. 

Rinjani Trekking infomation is one of the basic information for you to trekking Rinjani Mountain, as soon all the information have been keep in your head and ready to explore. 

Without Spend more time, here the information are

Hotel Close to Rinjani Mountain

1. Rinjani Lodge
One of the best hotel in Senaru where you can see the beautiful Rinjani Mountain by the swimming pool, has a classical concept with outdoor swimming pool. this hotel suitable for you who want to stay relax and enjoying Rinjani View while stay in the luxury place.

Rinjani Lodge in Senaru is a restaurant and hotel accommodation located on the borders of the Rinjani National Park in North Lombok.

With stunning panoramic views of Mount Rinjani and across the lush rice paddies of the volcanic foothills down to the ocean, Rinjani Lodge is the perfect place to stay to relax, unwind and explore the beautiful North Lombok region.




We have available 13 beautifully appointed rooms finished to a high quality with modern furnishings and facilities and 2 stunning infinity pools overlooking the surrounding area. The restaurant is open daily from 7am to 10pm for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

An a great view hotel which serve you with rice field terrace that call Bangket Bayan, established on 200 m from the surface of the water and on the hill side of Senaru

Rinjani Golden in Senaru has a garden and a terrace. Among the facilities of this property are a restaurant, room service and a 24-hour front desk, along with free WiFi. Private parking can be arranged at an extra charge. All rooms at the hotel are fitted with a seating area. At Rinjani Golden the rooms include a private bathroom with a shower.  A halal breakfast is available each morning at the accommodation. Gili Trawangan is 27 km from Rinjani Golden, while Tanjung is 25 km from the property.




Located in Senaru, Rudy Trekker provides a garden. Featuring a 24-hour front desk, this property also welcomes guests with a restaurant and a terrace. There is a year-round outdoor pool and guests can make use of free WiFi and free private parking. At the guest house each room is equipped with a private bathroom.  Guests at Rudy Trekker can enjoy a continental breakfast.  Gili Trawangan is 41 km from the accommodation, while Tanjung is 29 km away. 




4. Nusantara Hotel Sembalun

The location is beautiful, You can see the Rinjani peak and in the morning it's quite spectacular. Also, the village is different from the other villages from the area, since it's more focused on tourists and you can find a couple of places to stay and eat. The view from Bukit Selong Rice Field Viewpoint, which is around 3km away is breathtaking. They also have a pool, but it was too cold outside to use it. This is at 1100 meters altitude, so even if you are traveling in the summer, pack some serious clothes for it, it gets really cold at night.”




Tourism Object Close to Rinjani Mountain

1. Sendang Gile Waterfall
Sendang Gile is impressive in its own right. It’s a two-tiered waterfall with massive force and although it wasn’t even on my original radar for things to do in Lombok, I think it’s one of the best waterfalls on Lombok that I visited.

We hung out here for about an hour, even crossing the river to get underneath the waterfall. GoPro is a good option here because of the mist and sprays from the gushing water got my Sony A7ii pretty wet.


It was October when we visited and there was no one else at the falls. This was our experience all over Lombok for the most part. It seems like this waterfall could be busy in peak season because there were lots of empty huts at the base of the falls, which I assume are full of coconuts and snacks on a busy day.

2. Tiu Kelep Waterfall
Tiu Kelep is a waterfall I knew about because it’s not one you forget when you see it posted online all the time. It’s an epic amphitheater with one of the most dramatic falls I’ve seen in Indonesia. As soon as I turned the last corner and laid my eyes on Tiu Kelep, I was pretty overwhelmed, to say the least.


Water flows down, seemingly through the wall, only to be upstaged by a forceful flow of water that streaks diagonally across the falls. Vines have taken over the rock walls and we felt like deep-jungle explorers despite only having to walk for 30 minutes to reach Tiu Kelep Waterfall.

3. Selong Hill
Aside from Pergasingan Hill, other beautiful hills reside in Sembalun Lawang Village including Selong. Both of them become proud of East Lombok Regency and offer similar natural beauties, in fact. Selong Hill, though, becomes a nice choice for those who want to witness Rinjani Mountain from afar feel the comfy atmosphere of nature. Not only the hill is suitable for sightseeing, it is perfect for photography as well. For some people, it even becomes a good site to find inspiration and find the peace.

The Nuance
In terms of size, Selong Hill is shorter and smaller than Pergasingan. That does not mean it is inferior to its sibling, as it offers similar beauty and landscape. In fact, tourists may see a formation of bamboo trees when heading to the top of the hill. Plus, vast views of local farms can be seen up there! Like its neighboring hill, Selong is suitable for camping too (even though the number of campers is smaller than that of Pergasingan Hill). What is more? The hill is located near to a famous village called Beleq, which is famous for its culture.

Exploring Selong Hill
The most common reason to visit Selong Hill is to explore all parts of the hill including Beleq Village. The local activities like farming even become a unique attraction for tourists to enjoy there. Not to mention the vast scenery of the paddy fields looks so majestic from above. What is more? During trekking, tourists may pass through a small forest as well. As for beginners, they must learn some information before trekking, especially the spot where they should start.

Before going up to Selong Hill, tourists should gather in Beleq Village. One thing, they need to pay the entrance fee before getting the permission to explore the hill. From there, they can start trekking by taking the available path (the stairs). Here is the fact. Two spots are available for them to visit and the location is not quite far from each other. Both of them even offer similar natural attractions and scenery including local farms surrounded by nearby hills. Moreover, a renowned neighboring hill (Pergasingan) is seen clearly from those sites.


Aside from sightseeing, tourists come to Selong Hill to enjoy camping too. Despite camping is not as popular as in other hills, some people are fond of Selong to do such activity. For those who do not want to spend the night on the hill, they can choose to rest in Beleq Village instead. After all, the villagers are friendly and they provide good foods and accommodations to tourists.

4.. Bukit Pergasingan
Explore the unique natural landscape of East Lombok to the top of Pergasingan Hill in a day. If you love hiking and nature, there is no better way to get the most out of your time in Lombok than with a 6-7 hours adventure in the stunning Sembalun Valley. Kick off with an early morning hotel pick up and head to discover the 1200 meter high plateau framed by volcanoes and mountain peaks.



Start your hike up to the top of Pergasingan - known as one of the best spots for soft trekking in the region. The flat field at the top of the hill is perfect for building a campsite and taking a break over a delicious local lunch. After the break, get ready for the journey down the hill and a convenient drop off right at your hotel. 

The stunning natural scenery, rice-field, the foggy Sembalun village is enhanced by the view of Mount Rinjani. 
Pergasingan hill is located on a hill north of the Sembalun Village with 1,700 meter above sea level, usually some visitor use this place for training before trek Rinjani Mountain, but sometime this hill has been in use for an extreme sport such as paragliding, mountain bike etc. You can enjoy a beautiful scenery around Pergasingan Hill, also known as paradise for photographers.

Where to Eat in Rinjani Mountain 

1. Rudy Resto and Villa Sembalun
Indonesian and europian food well served in this restaurant, located on sembalun village made the good view serve while lunch and diner time.

2. Warung Sembalun
Fell indonesian, then try food of this local restaurant, most of the food and beverage are serve by rice and another indonesian inggredients.

3.  Lesehan Balamo Sembalun
Lesehan meaning the restarant serve on the small bungalows, in indonesian well so popular and always serve Lombok traditional food like Ayam Taliwang, Pelecing Kangkung, Nasi Puyung,  Sate Rembige and Sate Narmada.

4. Rinjani Lodge Restaurant
Come with the european food and beverage, this restaruant will be a solution for the visitor from outland to spend their dinner pr lunch time with european food serve.

5. Golden Rinjani Resto While serve the accomodation, Rinjani Golden serve food some kind of food which the tourism hard to find in Senaru Village, here of some menu :
- Chicken Burger and another kind of it
- Nasi Goreng
- Mie Goreng
- Spaghetti Bolognase and other Spaghetti
- Breed
- Sandwhices
- Any kinds of juices
- Coco Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Lemonade

ATM in Rinjani Mountain

1. ATM Tunas Mawar Sembalun
This ATM located on Sembaun Village and build together with Tunas Mawar Minimarket, a very easy for traveller to find the location cause there are a big sign with ATM on the main road area.
2. ATM Pondok Senaru  Located on the Main Road Senaru before the path way to Sendang Gile Waterfall, find this place was so easier then other cause the big sign and every people easy to ask where the ATM is

Best Rinjani Trekking Orgenizer 


One of the best Rinjani Trekking Organizer which has long term experience to provide the whole Lombok Tour Organizer. have been help many trekker to defeat Rinjani Mountain will be a great reason why to choose this kind of Tour Agency as your trusthed travel to Rinjani. 
The Great 5 Reason why to choose this company : 

1. Long Term Experience
Experience will be a great reason cause Rinjani is not as simple as you think about, there many tourist tried to explore Rinjani by themselves without any guide and just hold the information from Internet, and finally we find them come together with TNGR as avacuated persons. 

Everything that asked by the tourist will be aswer as a fact of the answer as same like the story of Rinjani, The magical story, the name of animal, long term of trekking, where better spot for selfie and another thing which involves to trekking education.

2. Have Own Office in Senaru we call "Rinjani Golden"
Before trekking we really recommend that the client should stay one night in our hotel to save the time and getting briefing. one night stay will be enough to get better education and prohibited information through Rinjani Mountain.
An open air car will ready to bring you to start sport where the trekking will start offer, all kind of tools and equipment should be prepared as the guest request, any special or general will be provide on the hotel.

3. Professional Guide & Respected Porter
A Profesional has a standard guide for Rinjani Trekking and have been handle more then hundred guest. 
Another thing that the profesional guide will have respected to the porter which bring more then 25 Kg on the way up and the way down, do not thing about the porter as your worker but think that they are friends who standby to help you.

4. Complete Equipment & Green Concept
Have own equipment will be a great thing, a people who love their stuff they will always keep them clean and secure using and another thing that has a green concept to keep the environment from pollution and other thing which bad affected to the Rinjani Mountain. 
- Getting feed for Monkey 
- Never pick the Edelweis from Mountain.
- Bring the Garbage or rubbish from Top to the down 
- Never write the story in the trees or stone 
- Do not bored the animals
- Keep refill the bottle 
- ETC 

Feel free to read another article about Rinjani  5 Most Difficult Trek on Rinjani Mountain

5. Friendly and Humoris Guide
A profesional guide will be a cold and quiet one then we need to improve the service by bring the friendly guide which able to make the joke time and easy to smile in every kind of situation, this will be a great thing for the trekker. 
Feel comfort with the guide and think like a friend was so beatiful, every trekker feel free to ask many question with smile one to each other.
For booking contact 
Mobile : 081805773339
Email : infolomboksociety@gmail.com
book through website with online booking system and auto confirmation. 

Rinjani Cultural People we Should Know

* Smile and greet people, especially elders.
* Shake hands, gently.
* Accept hospitality and food. You do not have to eat and drink, but it is polite to ACCEPT.
* Say goodbye and thank you when you leave.
* Dress modestly. Women should keep upper arms and thighs covered.
* Bend down and walk around seated people when you need to pass.
* Use only your right hand to eat and to hand objects or money to someone.
* Be sure to sit at the same level as other people.
* Wear a sarong when entering the house of Melokaq (Adat leader) and when participating in ritual and adat ceremonies.

* Enter houses, building or village without being invited.
* Wear shoes inside a house.
* Point at people with your finger. Don’t ever use your foot to point at objects or people.
* Point the bottom of your feet directly at people whilst sitting on the floor.
* Touch anyone’s head.
* Step over people or food on the floor.
* Eat with your left hand or use your left hand to give or accept objects or money.
* Raise your voice, especially in anger.

Mount Rinjani Condition 

Rinjani Trekking Map 

Rinjani Trekking Map is one of the important thing for all the trekking should have on hand to clarify where the location now, althought the guide come and stay in your side. another right information will be a great education cause the map just put the prior spot only. 

By the Map you will know how high your location right now, what name of that place where you step over then easier for you to clarify the detail of the location and whye the trekking guide put that place as the rest area. 

The Source of trekking map from official www dot rinjaninationalpark dot com  




How to Get to Rinjani by Senaru 

The easiest way to find Rinjani Mountain is from Lombok International Airport (LOP) that the first place where the people come to, where ever you are right now just take any flight from another Domestic or National flight with Lombok Airport for the last destination.
After all just take a drive with car for approximately 3 hours passing some of the place : 

1. Praya - Central Lombok
This place in where the Lombok Airport Location is, all the road from Lombok Airport to Mataram were call by pass where you can do long drive fast no stop. 
There are so many place for take a little coffe for take rest after long flight or you just can take any lunch time if you have morning flight. 

2. Mataram
Central city of Lombok where the central of activity, city activity and central of Lombok Administration, how ever we do not make a description about the city with many long habit from morning until dark but we talk about holiday. 
After crossing this place then we going to the beach side we call "Senggigi Beach"

3. Senggigi Beach
You may asked the driver for slow drive due to the panorama on the beach side, take a little photo of you then stop for any amazing place with huge background. 
Senggigi beach is a place where you can found ay kind of hotel stay from five star to the middle size, from Restaruant to the Coffe Shop, let continue the trip to the Senaru - South Lombok

4. Senaru 
Senaru is a place where the trekker starting for trek time, we always recommend the trekker to stay one night in Hotel Senaru to get better energy save. find the best tropical view you will find on it such us Sendang Gile Waterfall, Tiu Kelep Waterfall, Coffe Plantation, Rumah Adat Bayan and Local Cultural. 

Senaru is the place where the trekking Rinjani Start over then visit this place to start visit Rinjani Mountain, those all the 4 place we will passed to visit Rinjani Mountain from the trekking start Senaru Village. 

How to Get to Rinjani by Sembalun 

Rinjani Mountain located on Lombok Island where the people call the A Thousand Mosque Island where you can hear and see many village has more then one mosque, they always take Azan fives times in a day whose the symbol that time for praying and visit the mosque for Praying together under one leader we call Imam. 

Another way to visit Rinjani Mountain starting from Lombok International Airport (LOP) then continue to long drive for approximately take 3 hours drives then passing some place :
1. Praya Central - Lombok 
After arrived in Lombok International Airport then Continue follow the road to the east side where the road come to Batunyala Village, Mujur Village then Continue the drive to the East Lombok we Call Jerowaru and go Stright on.
2. Jerowaru East Lombok 
There are many village you will passing on this place to reach the last destination Sembalun which will has  long drive and much traffic on the road side, if you feel tired then you can take rest for while and get some coffee to save the Energy.
3. Pusuk Sembalun 
A beautiful place where you will see many monkey forest on the road side, a tropical forest and the road on the hill,  to avoid any problem for you vehical then please take the professional drive with Manual vehicle due to the matic one will have a problem to climb the hill road. 

From October 2019 all the road have been finished reconstruction then will be easy for trekker to enjoy the trip while take a little photo documentary, do not missing the moment before leaves the place. 

4. Sembalun  
The place where the second place to start trekking the Rinjani Mountain, There are 2 kind of Sembalun Village which call Sembalun Lawang & Sembalun Bumbung, those place you can saw the strawberry garden in whole area. 

All visitor from Domestic and International able to buy any strawberry by pick themselves and possible to choose as your hobby. there are many hotel have been established to cover all the guests which stay for trekking or just see the beautiful Rinjani Mountain from the Closest place.

Best Rinjani Trekking Package 

Rinjani Trekking Package 2 Days 1 Nights

This package were suitable for the trekker which has long trekking experience and have long time fitness schedule. 

Noted : 
1. want to go to summit in 2D1N trip, then you would be good to going via Sembalun, which features an easier climb (mostly flat) through the grasslands to the base of the summit. The downside is that you would be walking under the sun the entire time, the trek simply easier for you and saving more energy.

2. If you require for not getting to summit in 2D1N, you should go through Senaru. This will take you through a steeper non-stop climb through the rainforest, and a fairly difficult rocky climb in the last leg. But it’s a more beautiful and shaded route than Sembalun. You cannot reach the summit in two days if you go through Senaru though.

We do not recommend to get to summit if you are doing a 2D1N. While it’s possible, you’d be very rushed and more tired since you’ll have to do a lot of climbing on the second day.

Rinjani Trekking Package 3 Days 2 Nights

The best seller package which very suitable for any kind of the trekker from beginner or expert one although this kind of package were simple one. the benefit you can get by choosing this kind of Rinjani Package :

1. Keep more time and trekking while enjoying the beautiful view
2. Easy to chose the one of both cage "Senaru or Sembalun"
3. Able for Beginner or Advance also Expert 
4. Require earlier to Summit then you take Sembalun 
5. Want get better view and long trekking time but good view show then take Senaru 
This is what most people choose for trekking, then you do not have to worry about choosing as you would be hitting both sides anyway. However, if you are wondering whether to start from Sembalun or Senaru, it probably comes down to when you want to summit. If you want to summit earlier in the trip, then choose Sembalun. If not, then choose Senaru.

Rinjani Trekking Package 4 Days 3 Nights

The last and the enjoying trekking package for the people which has any trekking aim not only to getting the trekking challenge but for another aim, long time spend will be more enjoyable then other while you saving more energy. 

Find the best place for take rest or making any planning by themselves on the mountain side, this package mostly take by the people who really want spend the time for holiday without any rushed time to spend. the first motto that enjoying the beautiful scenery on Rinjani Mountain.

"Let Enjoy the Rinjani Trekking Challenge or Enjoy the Rinjani Scenery"

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eni sulistiani
Rinjani Mountain has any other condition with other mountain which has trekked by you all, every step will found new experience then follow some of our tips to trek Rinjani Mountain instead of make own tips.

Request trekking poles. 

Pole is the third foot for your then bring it as important as you can, when the both fell tired come through the summit, the poles will help you more.
We had never trekked with poles before but they were indispensable for this trip. They’ll help keep you upright through the sandy, slippery slopes and will save your knees after hours of steep descents.

Be prepared. 

The particular thing that the people never prepare his body, tools and other equipment when trekking but after on the Rinjani trekking area all small thing will be most important when you never find anywhere in Rinjani.
The trail will probably be harder than you think. Take your time, stopping every few steps to catch your breath if you need to. If you just keeping taking the next step and then the next, you will eventually make it to the top.

Be OK with not go summit

Summit is the aim of trekking but please check your body health and ask for your guide to check your condition, that suitable for continue or need to stop quickly. 
Don’t be ashamed to say “no” to the sunrise summit trek. Plenty of people don’t go up! If the first day nearly killed you, stay in your tent and rest. There is plenty of exciting hiking to come without risking injury or exhaustion just to see the summit.

Don’t get too cocky on the descent. 

The porter climb Rinjani like a holiday but think that the porter doing every day then do not try what they do, feel and handle the standard security trekking to avoid anything bad.

The trail down is steep and precarious. It’s easy to slip and fall and even easier to injure your knees. Just because the porters are running down the trail in flip-flops doesn’t mean you have to do it too!

Be respectful. 

Follow the all order from your tour guide to follow all thing, and be respect to your tour guide and porter cause they work for keep the better trekking for you all.

Try to stay aware on the trail, even when you’re exhausted. Let faster hikers go by you and always move over for porters. Remember, they are working while you are there for fun!


Don’t add to the Rinjani litter problem. 

It’s no secret that there is a lot of garbage on Mount Rinjani. Bring a zip-lock bag with you and please pack out your own toilet paper, baby wipes, cigarette butts and other personal garbage. If you want to do more, bring a garbage bag and pick up rubbish along the trail.

Please bring  all of your rubbish into your bag to be a green trekker and keep Rinjani Clean cause one thing that you do can ashamed the people who do not do it and educate another people to do what you do it. be a pioneer then let people follow you.

Do not pick Edelweiss Flower.

This kind of tips have been viral in Lombok when the beginner of trekker pick the edelweiss flower then bring them home, it was a be a big problem for the flower ecosystem.

Be Carefully When Selfie

In a story of news we found that one trekker have been make it selfie then he getting back slowly and he do not see what in behind finally he have been falling down.

Do not bored the animals out there 

Let monkey live with their wild life, just give them a little thing what you have only and please do not come close to cause some animal well fine to be a friend but another will be have another response without any predicted before.


eni sulistiani
Every temperature and condition we will need a different thing to cover our body from cold or dry season in every place. that also for hiking Rinjani Mountain which has cold temperature on the top summit

Prepare anything we need before the time come through, Bring as little as possible. If you think you’ll survive without something, leave it behind! You’ll regret the extra weight when you’re on your 1200th metre of ascent for the day!
  • Hat, gloves & scarf (it’s very cold at the top)

    Hat that much better for you to cover your head from the sun heat and from the dust from the wind blow from the Rinjani Mountain.  
    Scarf for cover all of your face exclude your eyes, the cold temperature made your face freeze and hard to move it.
  • Good hiking shoes (running shoes are not grippe enough)

    Do not use the sport shoes, remember that Rinjani is the third higher mountain in Indonesia which has more challenge and Difficult Trek to Explore.

    Find the best quality one for better using and save comfortable to use during the high performance. 
  • Headlamp (for the night hike to the summit)

    Headlamp better to find the best way when night trek, then prepare this tool during your trekking cause most of trekking when reach the top on the night time ( Dawn Time )
  • One/two sweat-wicking t-shirts

    As we know that Rinjani has high temperature when the day time then all sweat will come out through the whole body.
    Keep your body safe and comfortable to swear any clothes for do not disturb your trekking time.
  • One pair of shorts
    One short is not good enough for your trekking trip then keep one more as your change when another was not suitable to swear after long time.
  • One pair of long pants

     Night time is a beautiful thing to see on the sky, but one thing that you remember, night time is a cold time wherever in the world if you stay in a mountain.
    A long pants will be a great treasure to prepare before trekking starting over cause when forgotten there no place to buy on mountain
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

    As i feel that doing brush the teeth 2 times every will affect to our communication, then what about if your habit will stop when trekking Rinjani.
    keep continue your habit to keep your self confidence stay with you with good smile.
  • Sun hat 

    Sunhat function is not only to cover your hat from the sunshine but also to getting better sight through the mountain road step which chosen carefully
  • Sun Cream

    Rinjani was so close from the sun, then keep your body burning and heat by the sun, bring some of your sunscreen to cover it.
  • Lip sunscreen (our lips got burned – not a good look)

    Your lips getting dry then has dehydrated due to temperature, keep your lips stay good looking with your lip sun cream
  • Sunglasses

    Feel comfort to see the mountain without think about the sun shine by use sun glasses, this is the perfect thing you need to keep in your hand.
  • Socks

    Remember that the cold temperature will come close to you by getting to your feet then continue to your body.
    Keep more spare sock for your feet
  • Swim suit

    This special for trekker which want to take bath on Hot Spring or Segara Anak Lake which has  good effect to your body.
  • Tiny towel

    Are you tired or are you heat ? it time for you to clean all of your sweat by a tiny towel to keep your sight straight on. 
  • ID and cash for tipping

    As we know, the porter has been work so hard to bring all your luggage out there with up to 50 Kg weight, every something you need they will make it happen even very hard for him then the way we say thank is to give him a little money.

    ID card for your Registration in TNGR post, then another thing to recognize the hiker on accident during trekking time.

Optional items:

  • Base layer (it gets freaking cold at the summit)

  • Baby wipes (if you pack them in, pack them out)

  • Soap or hand sanitizer

    All trekking have different life style one to each other then need for you to bring soap to clean your body or hand or face with a little water, but when you stay in Segara Anak Lake that time for you to clean your body with Natural Water.
  • Flip-flops

    This option  you really need when night time during your sleep by the tent, it use for clean your feet, move to somewhere. a simple thing but really helfull

Another optional for special trekking spot

  • Fishing Gear for some trekker which one try to catch some fish in Segara Anak Lake which very popular place for fishing exactly the right information from the local which we found when trekking Rinjani Mountain 
  • P3K ( First Medicine Rescue ) this must be bring on the pack for the beginner which the first time trekking Rinjani Mountain, they will not avoid the wounded from the trees or breaking down to the ground due to the sandy ground or  wet land. 
  • Medicine for special trekker which has allergic or Multivitamin to improve their energy to climb more or if they worry about the condition which unpredictable.
  • Muscle Balm, keep your foot muscle work properly, and if they feel tired that time to get balm on it for better push. 
  • Garbage Bag this actually will provide by trekking company organizer which has protect the Rinjani Green and keep love the environment. but if you feel better to bring more cause there are many garbage you find on the step the pack them in. 
  • Insect Prevent, keep bring this lotion to cover your skin for forest insect for night time although the tent will keep your body from mosquito 
  • Toiletries, Rinjani Trekking Company Organizer has provide this kind of packing list but sometimes some of the trekker has special toiletries which suitable for their skin the keep bring it to cover your trip comfortable.
  • Camera or Handy cam, wow when i write this kind of stuff, without saying on this content every body will never forget this kind of tools, The optional thing sometimes will be a primary thing for some people but generally most of the trekker put them as optional thing to bring when trekking Rinjani Mountain.

That’s everything you need to know before you book your Rinjani trekking tour, hope this really helping you.

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eni sulistiani
The best things to do in Ubud include exploring ancient temples, majestic royal palaces, and green hillsides and rice terraces. A treasure trove of cultural landmarks, this Balinese town and its outskirts within the Gianyar regency, are where some of the world’s notable artisans and collectors have visited and worked in.

Most of the local museums and galleries are along the main Jalan Raya Ubud. There are plenty of natural landscapes and attractions that are within a short drive outside the town centre. Prominent and unmissable landmarks in Ubud include Ubud Monkey Forest and the photogenic Tegallalang rice terrace.

The Ubud Monkey Forest, located on the fringes of central Ubud, is home to over 700 long-tailed macaques. This natural sanctuary is perhaps the best known in Bali thanks to its community-based management, location and ease of access.

Overseen by the Padangtegal village, Ubud Monkey Forest is a place of scientific research and a site of spiritual and cultural aspects, as there are sacred temples sanctified by local villagers. The Ubud Monkey Forest is also called the Sacred Monkey Forest of Padangtegal, and, by its official designation, Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana.

6 Step Travel with Fastboat to Gili Island from Ubud

1. Book Fastboat Ubud to Gili Island by online with us USD 30 per person one way 

Ubud in one of Bali Destination which popular with rice field and the culture of Bali that very natural and classical, have a distance from Padangbai around 1 hour drives made this location is closest place to stay before go to Gili Island.

Please book Fastboat with free pick up service in your hotel area in Ubud to Decrease the money expense during your travel. if you compare the cost for travel with your self then travel with our shuttle pick up service you will surprise of it. save the money for another travel.
"Book Fastboat Below"

2. Free pick up in Ubud should written down on ticket

After book fastboat by online then write on your booking that you take extra service Pick up in Ubud, Write down your hotel name and time pick up depend to the fastboat schedule you choose for it. 

Before left your hotel, be carefully with your stuff, do not miss your something important in your hotel cause that can be change your mind for holiday to think for you stuff. 

3. Choose one of the time for pick up ( 07.00 am or 10.00 am )

Ubud has a natural life then morning time will a time for breath with no pollution then the clear air come through your body due to green leafs everywhere and surrounding by trees everywhere and the panorama with rice field was so memorable.

Pick up time at 07.00 that have benefit to have very clear water in the morning time then all the water situation was so familiar. 

Pick up time at 10.00, you can enjoy your breakfast time and another think that you never do it before in Seminyak, no rush time for pick up and you will no need to wake up in early morning. 
"Choose the time depend of your need"

4. Travel to Padangbai and Get in touch with fastboat 

After 1 hours drive by shuttle bus then yo will ger into fastboat office where you will make registration out there with your ticket under your name, if any some request which note written on the ticket then you can ask for it as long as part of fastboat service.
Padangbai is a harbour where we take the fastboat, on that place you will wait on the restaurant where you can enjoy the time. 
All your luggage will be stamp out by the staff for easier to recognize your bag as our fastboat passenger and another of your hand will be ring by a bracelet.

Your luggage will bring by our porter through the boat then you just enjoy the time when your step to the boat without any heavy staff on your hand, keep you important thing in your hand like mobile or money for easy transaction of your during the way you have a deal with some friend or transfer the mobile number one to each other. 

5. Arrive in Gili Island then get your own transport to your hotel 

After Gili Island in your eyes then time for you to travel to your hotel destination, wait for a while until your bag bring down to the beach, take a little photo will be a great shot. 

After the bags come down then easier for you to recognize your hotel location, if the hotel close to the harbour of Gili Trawangan then Take a little walk to the street.

6. Find transport to your hotel

The transport you can find every where in Gili Trawangan, like a horse cart where waiting for passenger on the boat side cause they now that every people coming will need a transport service through hotel.

If you have a pick up service from hotel then wait for while until you find a person which has a Paging ( a board which written under your name ) then they will organizer your transport to the hotel where you stay for. 

Another, check your hotel location then you found that quiet far, it time for you to take a horse cart service which has a price which written on cart then no negotiate price, pay with the price which written on it. 

Then it time to enjoy the best place to relax and to see the best thing the god give to us. 


eni sulistiani
Seminyak is Bali’s most sophisticated and upscale beach resort area, where the top draws are its beautiful beaches and chilled-out vibes. Compared to the likes of Ubud, there’s not a huge number of things to see and do here, but there are some fun, family-friendly attractions to enjoy.

Despite humble beginnings, Seminyak is now a very modern part of Bali. Even so, among the glitz and glamour of the boutique shopping streets and fine-dining restaurants are some traditional touches like Petitenget Temple. If you’re looking for something to do between sunbathing sessions on some of Bali’s most beautiful beaches, you’ll find a good selection of distractions here.

Seminyak sits a little way along the coast from the famous Kuta Beach in Bali and provides a welcome alternative to its brasher and more crowded cousin. Seminyak has its own pretty beaches and there is a feeling of more space here as the crowds that descend on Kuta are not as prevalent in Seminyak. As Seminyak has a beach it also has some good surf and you can also rent a board here and ride the waves or just stick to swimming or sunbathing.

One of the main reasons to come to Seminyak is to enjoy not only the beach but also the amazing each bars and cafes that run along the coastlines and you will find a huge number of choices available which means that you will never go hungry or thirsty here. Many of the restaurants have foreign chefs in residence so if you want to try some fine dining then this is a great place to do it.

People also flock to Seminyak for its nightlife although it is a little tamer than neighboring Kuta. Whereas Kuta has a number of nightclubs, Seminyak is more focused on beach clubs where you can sip a drink with your feet in the sand, although there are also some clubs to be found in the area. As if all that wasn’t enough, Seminyak is also known for its shopping with some of the biggest names in Bali choosing to open up shop here. As such, you can walk along the main shopping arteries of this part of the island and shop until you drop.

5 Step to Gili Island from Seminyak

1. Book Fastboat Seminyak to Gili Island by online with us USD 30 per person one way 

Seminyak is one of the best destination in Bali, to travel from Seminyak to Gili island you have to book a fastboat which can fully control of you about the pick up time and another service which suitable for you. 

The fastboat should be have free pick up service in your hotel area in Seminyak to Decrease the money expense during your travel. if you compare the cost for travel with your self then travel with our shuttle pick up service you will surprise of it. save the money for another travel.
"Book Fastboat Below"

2. Please noted that we have free pick up in Seminyak 

After book fastboat by online then write on your booking that you take extra service Pick up in Seminyak, Write down your hotel name and time pick up depend to the fastboat schedule you choose for it. 

Before left your hotel, be carefully with your stuff, do not miss your something important in your hotel cause that can be change your mind for holiday to think for you stuff. 

3. Be ready when pick up as your choice ( 07.00 am or 10.00 am )

Enjoying the  situation in Seminyak will be a great time to enjoy your time, then hard for you to change your travel to another one with new situation, 

Pick up time at 07.00 that have benefit to have very clear water in the morning time then all the water situation was so familiar. 

Pick up time at 10.00, you can enjoy your breakfast time and another think that you never do it before in Seminyak, no rush time for pick up and you will no need to wake up in early morning. 
"Choose the time depend of your need"

4. Travel to Padangbai and Get in touch with fastboat 

Padangbai is a harbour where we take the fastboat, on that place you will wait on the restaurant where you can enjoy the time. 
All your luggage will be stamp out by the staff for easier to recognize your bag as our fastboat passenger and another of your hand will be ring by a bracelet.

Your luggage will bring by our porter through the boat then you just enjoy the time when your step to the boat without any heavy staff on your hand, keep you important thing in your hand like mobile or money for easy transaction of your during the way you have a deal with some friend or transfer the mobile number one to each other. 

5. Arrive in Gili Island then get your own transport to your hotel 

After Gili Island in your eyes then time for you to travel to your hotel destination, wait for a while until your bag bring down to the beach, take a little photo will be a great shot. 

After the bags come down then easier for you to recognize your hotel location, if the hotel close to the harbour of Gili Trawangan then Take a little walk to the street.


If you have a pick up service from hotel then wait for while until you find a person which has a Paging ( a board which written under your name ) then they will organizer your transport to the hotel where you stay for. 

Another, check your hotel location then you found that quiet far, it time for you to take a horse cart service which has a price which written on cart then no negotiate price, pay with the price which written on it. 

Then it time to enjoy the best place to relax and to see the best thing the god give to us. 

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There are many hiker come through Rinjani Mountain which has 3.726 meters lenght, it make all traveler want to defeat the summit, see all the view out there and get more photo experience in the best spot that ever seen before. 

A classical people say that "Rinjani is a Mountain with perfect view" all kind of tropical flora and fauna in Australia you will found out there. 
in every step you walk out there serve new experience. a hiker will take two kinds of Rinjani Tour Package which suitable for them.

5 Benefits you will have when take Rinjani Sharing Package 

1. New Connection, this group consist with 10 participants which has different culture, nationality, attitude, language, fitness level and other

Some people really understand about the new people is a new friend and new experience cause the social connection will affect to the way the people thinking, we will change our mindset when you meet new people.

Other experience from other people will help you to grow up in your life, cause the failed experience from the story of new connection will a something to avoid us to use the way it. 

The people with other culture and nationality will help you to know about their language, about the best culture and the popular one then finally the connection will be created without planning out. 

The way other people say hello, help you, asking a something will learn you about what the people do it is the way they do in their country "Learn by Action better then Learn by Text"

2. Low Budget, most of backpacker take this package to save more money to travel to the other world.

The price lower then other package, mostly we know that something private will higher then Sharing one from another thing like service level and equipment need. 

But you will never lose the experience to take sharing one cause we go to the same mission, defeat the summit and catch the sunrise. 

3. More Fun, new people with different culture will tell you another funny experience in their life long 

Fun is a way the people erased the boring moment on his trip, a very seriously people will push the body and energy to reach summit but do not enjoy the whole trip by catch every moment without lost every step in Rinjani Trekking. 

If the people love their job they will do anything with enjoyable strategy to avoid boring effect, we will not thing about summit only but enjoying the story from other friends, a kindness of speaking connection and new experience with funny action.

There are look so hard cause we are on the hot temperatures, keep humble and joking to close more and more then the time finish without any voice to ring, suddenly the summit already in your eyes shortly.


4. Team Work, on this package we will learn about team work and be a great team with the same mission "Summit Sunrise"

One friend will help another friend, one team will stay in the same mission that summit sunrise, how the team will work together. 

One leader is your Tour Guide, every statement will take by asking the whole 1about their opinion for those problem, as same as use the route, actually when we face the two routes what we choose for better. one people will chose first route and a second one will take another route.

That time for Tour Leader to take action what the best choice with many reason why like : 
- This step quiet hard then not suitable for other people which have low energy 
- This step too easy to passed
- Our friends of us need to evacuate soon 
- Etc

5. Learn about Life, every people will need one to each other that way the god create the human to know one and other from whole world 

 This kind of trip teach us about life with more people better to solve the problem come through, we live in this world do not stay alone, every low and high level in your life will not effect when you stay in a team, everybody need to keep hold tightly the mission however your position, if you hold the mission then you help another one to hold strongly.

5 Benefits you will have when take Rinjani Private Package 

1. High Service Quality 

The service quality will be more extra then sharing actually for 3 kind of service which a very standard and most necessary  for hiker : 

- Fully of Hiking Control, one guide will handle two hikers at least for get more information, more time and more accessible 

-  Fully of Consumption will an extra service that will never geting more in other package, the hiker able to book the food need before hiking then all tool and cooking will be prepared before trekking. 

- Fully Access to  Use another extra equipment like more pillow for sleep, the biggest tent, the best view for making tent

2. More Control for Hikers 

One guide and one Hiker or two hiker those are can make the trekking fully control on the way up or on the way back, every step and every spot can be explain fluently with just 2 person will hear about it in close position. 

Another kind of Control : 
- Body Control 
- Food and Beverage Control
- The hiker condition 
- Equipment Control 
- Tools Control 

Rinjani Trekking 2 Days 1 Night 

3. Flexible Time 

A hiker able to ask the time during trekking, if they want get more time or accelerate the time to reach another planning on, the time was so flexible depend to the term and condition, if the hiker feel very tired on the hike then they can stop for a while then continue till all back to normal. 

A hiker can stop and continue the trip for : 
- Take a Selfie Photo
- Take photo for panorama
- Take Rest
- Get Lunch Earlier 
- Getting Late Dinner 
- Take a Place for make Camping Tent
- Extra Service 
- Other else

Rinjani Trekking 3 Days 2 Night

4. Extra Food Serve 

In this package all kind of food can serve by the Rinjani Mountain Package although for some people will be a hard choice to do it on mountain where there is no cooking tools available out there, but a private can make some impossible to be possible : 

Some Food we Service : 
- Some Kinds of Spaghetti 
- Any kinds of Burger
- Fresh Fruit Salad 
- Fresh food 
- Any kind of Sandwiches 
- French Fries 
- From Indonesian food 
- Western Food 
- Oriental Food 
- Thai Food
- Breakfast 
- Lunch
- And Diner   
Drinking Service :  
- Fresh Juice
- Any kinds of coffe
- Any kinds of Tea  

5. Extra Time for Hikers and Tour Guide 

A new hiker will have much more question through Rinjani Mountain history and other to know more about what should they do for enjoying the trip.in every new animals and flowers the hikers can asked any time any moment caus one guide one hiker and sometimes 2 hiker and one guide. 

To get more information through Rinjani Mountain a hiker will need more information from tur guide by face to face and another topic will come step by step and fully control.

Hope the information will be base of your consideration when take the trip package depend to your necessary

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The Most Question we found from All of Our Clients and always be unstopped Question,  then we answer here below : 

1. Is Mount Rinjani Dangerous ?

Rinjani Mountain is a Volcanic mountain which save to travel in for Trekking activity or Climbing by the trek as soon as the The Rinjani Mountain Controller allow the traveler to stay in. 

During the Earth quake on 2018, Rinjani have been close fo a while due to the trek to the top and other have been close by the the land through then those are will be a problem for the trekker to find the right way to the top.

Rinjani is active volcano and show the activity but under the save level from Indonesia Meteorology and Geologist Department, it meant it save to travel in.

2. How Long Does Take to Climb Rinjani Mountain ?

For the whole time you can climb Rinjani Mountain in one day full but you need an extra power to passed the trek with many trek up and down. 

If you push the whole power  to trek it can be damage for your body, then the best time for Rinjani tour package  you may choose one of them : 

Rinjani Trekking 2 days 1 Night

This kind of package just for expert trekking which have more experience to climb much more mountain, they have high fitness level and usually have travel a lot. 

Most of the client take this package due to the time in Lombok was limited then they need to save more time to another travel in other lands, one thing that should be understand that your safe and comfortable also secure will be the focus. 

You may take this package with private and sharing depend to your necessary for the money expend and education need.

Rinjani Trekking 3 days 2 Nights

This package marching to the advance of trekking, the client have trekking for minimum 5 times then this package will be possible for them, 

Rinjani has different trek then other mountain in Indonesia, another one thing that Rinjani has a tropical forest with vary ecosystem flora dan Fauna which you will never get in other mountain in other place.

Rinjani Trekking 4 days 3 Nights 

Are you a beginner ? 
you come to the right package, spend more time but easy for beginner which never climb the mountain or had climb for one or two time only. 

Never worry about the trek, cause the guide standby to serve you about education, marching the equipment and also help you to get better movement with low power.

3. How Much Does it Cost to Climb Rinjani Mountain ?

The cost is different then another package, more days package you will spend more money for your time and consumption also service program.

The share or private service will affected to the trekking package cost for person, The Private Rinjani Trekking start USD 230 per person and Sharing package start USD 150 per person.

4. Can you climb Rinjani Mountai in One Day ?

Are sure you have experience ??
or you have high level fitness quantity ??
one day trekking will be the best option for you who has a little time and has more experience to catch the sunrise by the summit. 

5. What Date Rinjani Mountain Open and Close for Trekking ?

Rinjani mountain usually open for trekking when dry season starting June until October when the dry season coming and another month are rainy season when the time that Rinjani Trekking close, the month will be change depend to the season.

6. What the best equipment should be bring to Climb Rinjani ?

Torch the best tool for lighting for night trekking.
Stick will help to step down the trek and also when you go to summit under the sandy
Jacket to keep your body warm on the extreme temperature as long of your trekking
Tent for sleeping on the hill or Segara Anak  Lake
Mount Shoes a spesial shoes for trekking
Mount Bag to keep your equipment stay inside
Another equipment will provide by the company which the booking with

7. Can we Climb Rinjani Without Guide 

We really do not recommend to climb Rinjani Mountain without guide, most of the traveler try to do it but at the end they lost and never now where should go to summit and where to go back, there are no water and no friend will be a high damage for you.

Keep stay with the guide which has any connection with department which responsibility for accident, wounded or lost.

8. What Different Share Package and Private Trekking for Rinjani ?

Share Package 

- Low Cost
- More people to  know each other
- Valid for Advance only cause much people chose the package
- 6 persons will stay with one guide
- Share the experience with friend
- More Fun

Private Package  

- Full Control
- Full Service
- One person with One Guide
- Flexible for the time

9. What the Best Trekking area to start, Sembalun or Senaru ?

Sembalun : 

- Flat trekking area
- Easier to start trekking which much better for beginner 
- Starting from East Lombok good enough for the guest which stay in Pink Beach, Kuta Lombok or Selung Belanak
- View of Sembalun with strawberry field on the top, that was so exciting. 
- Sembalun village is a small village which surrounded by the small mountain


- Starting from North Lombok, better for client which stay in Mataram, Senggigi and 3 Gilis
- The trek quiet high then Sembalun
- Better for advance with medium level trekking side
- Passed the Rumah Adat Bayan
- You can visit 2 waterfall for extra cost ( Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall )


10. Where to stay one night before trekking 

Your trekking company will serve you with one night stay in hotel Senaru which we call Golden Rinjani with the best hill and rice field view, also one thing that you can see Rinjani Mountain by that hotel. 
A beautiful sunrise will come to your room to say hello and good morning to you. 

One night in Hotel for : 
- Save the energy 
- Briefing time 
- Take rest for tommorow better 
- Prepare the whole equipment need
- Startegy and Power Expense


What do the porters carry? 

Usually, hikers carry all their personal items (clothes, toiletries etc) and the porters carry food, water and camping equipment.
All equipment we need will bring by the porter, another thing is cooking tools to cook the food and water which the guest request about it.

What is the group size? 

The group size consist with 10 participant and they come from another nationality, background, attitude and skill. 
More people more fun

What do they do with garbage? 

You are going to go through a lot of food and water on the trail. Make sure your tour company pays their porters to carry your garbage out, instead of dumping it or burning it on the mountain. There is a lot of garbage on Rinjani – please don’t add to it!

We separate the garbage from the kind of material like Plastic, Cotton, Food, Papers and Bamboo or Trees, another kind of garbage we bury it on mountain like Food, Cotton, Trees and Paper for easier to process, plastic with any kind of mark we bring home by our porter with special cost for them.

Who runs the company? What is their story? 

We love to travel with private companies run by local people. They tend to care deeply about the environment and the longevity of their business and less about earning a quick buck
Hope the answer will have trekker to recognize the problem and get better solution then.keep book with  Lombok Society Travel


eni sulistiani
Mount Rinjani has 3.726 Meter high level from surface of water, it has the third highest mountain in Indonesia which over a various landscape and other moment to hold in. 
The Tropical Rinjani Mountain offer the best view over other like : 

- Dessert Point
- Waterfall Mayung Putih
- Sahara 
- Lake Segara Anak 
- Top of Summit Sunrise 
- Tropical Forest 
- Edelweis Flower 

From all of them, some of traveler focused to climb the Rinjani Mountain to reach the higher summit in Lombok

Rinjani erupted three further times on 23 May 2010 with activity continuing until 24 May 2010. According to the volcano’s official monitoring agency, ash from Mount Barujari was reported as rising up to 2 km into the atmosphere and damaged crops. Lava flowed into the caldera lake, pushing its temperature up from 21°C to 35°C, while smoke spread 12 km. The volcano did not directly threaten villagers during any of the eruptive activity in early 2010 however access to some sections of the Mountain was officially closed or restricted at some times.

Now and continue, Rinjani always be the best place to trekking with so many reason why ? which able to answer by all traveler which love it so much

The lower and mid levels of the mountain are quite heavily forested. Above the tree line though the slopes are barren and rugged scree slopes and volcanic rock. The views of the crater lake are quite breath-taking from the caldera rim, as is the sunrise. From the absolute peak you can see Bali to the west and Sumbawa to the east.

"Rinjani Mountain" 5 The Difficult Trek to Explore 

1. Step up Floor of Rinjani Mountain 

This kind of step you must prepare your self through, let see the picture details, the road like a stage hold by the rock, this step you may found out there in Rinjani Mountain which around 100 meters length to finish.   

It time to push your body up, spend more energy and sweat out like a pump water, hot and dehydrated, keep fully your bottle of water to keep step up. 
you need more exercise to keep your foot strong to survive your body weight and in fact this step was so hard for porter ( a people which bring your stuff and trekking tools and equipment ), step up the trek with more luggage on shoulder.


2. Step Down Track Over Rinjani

This kind of trek is a contrary with number 1, this place length to down approximately 150 meters, your body weight will push you down, keep your body stay on and walk down slowly to keep your step land to the rock straightly.

Fall down in this place effect to your body push to the rock and bloody, keep follow the instruction from your guide to get better performance and save more energy. 

The step will land to the rocks which has different distance on to each other, the rock has random location which push us to step slowly, if it too far then step you foot direct to ground which look strong and close to.


3. One Step to The Top

The way to the top summit surround by the road with sandy, your step will catch by the mouth of sandy around 30 centimeters and continue like that until you reach summit. 

The tool you may need here is a stick to bring up your body when step into the sandy, most of the trekking package reach the summit in the dawn time to catch the sunrise time. 
Bring your torch on your head to heading your step and find the best place to land your foots,



4. Jungle Smoothy Trek

The jungle area with tropical plant, there are many trees from left to the right and front to the back, and one thing will be focused on the step where fully with  mosses and the death tree break the step everywhere, small branch also the leafs. 

Most of traveler really enjoyed this kind of step because of the green leafs every where and the bird singing with nice voice like a song, some of animal like Lutung ( same as monkey but black color and long tail ).

Keep your step on the land then if you want take a picture, stop your step a moment while focus cause the death trees every can break your skin.


5. Road up to the Hill 

Road up the hill, the road come straight and curves like a snake, the son was very hot in this area then bring your sunblock to protect your skin from UV. burning skin is one of the thing that trekker bring home as souvenir in this area and a tired muscle will be the consequentially. 

Provide the stick to help your step and stay with your guide to help you for any necessary, if you need to take rest then ask your guide for the condition. a early information will help you for better trekking procedure to avoid any accident. 
This step quiet longer then other due to the location close after the rest area then we have save the energy to finish it as fast as we can.


For Rinjani Trekking Packing  just follow the link here Rinjani Trekking Package 2 Days 1 Night

Hope the information can help traveler to prepare their self on the Rinjani Trekking and Avoid any unnecessary accident.